Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long time no blog

It's been a while that I haven't updated my blog... now, it's time to update a bit... 1) Am now 31... no more 30 or 20 something... am stepping into a maturing period!!! (finally) 2) Super busy with my work (as usual, but work is getting more and more complicated now!!!) 3) Less alcohol (Not because alcohol is not good to health, I care about my weight more... sorry, I should say less beer or zero beer now, my usual drink is gin tonic now, may need to switch to vodka soda soon!!!) 4) More regional (sounds vague, but am exploring more opportunities in China and Singapore... yes... from 10% before to 25% now I think) 5) More superstitious now (Yes, am always superstitious, but more now... I just asked a Fung Shui Master to come to my office to check the fung shui!!!) Anyways.... everything is still alight... not too bad... hope things will soon get better and better!!! Oh... btw, if you guys haven't seen me updated my blog, am possibly working too hard or traveling around for business!!! OK.... I know you guys love reading my blog, I will spend more time in here!!! xxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Shit... I just realised that my last update was in May, 3 months ago, pretty scary...

Ar... What happened in the last 3 months??? Quite a lot of update,

1) Tango lesson (wow... I can dance a bit of Tango now)
2) Back to gym (3 - 4 times a week, my 6 packs will soon be back!!! Hehe)
3) Back to tennis (once a week... not much, but at least I can hit the balls well)
4) Travelling (Oh no, not yet, I haven't travelled outside HK since Nov 2009, aiya, for more than 10 months already, just planned my Bohol & LiJiang trips in Sep, Europe / Japan will be next)
5) Weibo (I have set my my weibo account, add me "hongminglau", it's the Chinese version of Twitter)
6) Feeling sexy / attractive again (Haha, yes, I do feel like am a HOT STUFF again, I don't know why, but am a HOT STUFF now, I think)
7) Exapnsion of business (Yes, soon, very soon, Oct 2010, add 1 - 2 more members to the team, let see how it goes)
8) Living in another time zone (Possibly India time while am living in HK, can't sleep till 3 or 4am everyday, I hate that)

OK, will update soon... please please please email me, if you find I haven't updated my blog for ages, please!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Long time no blog

Haven't updated my blog for quite a while, have been very busy these days... work work work and work....

Everything is doing fine and the result is out of my expectation, am so happy about the result so far, at least it proved that I can really work on my own biz, hehe

Hope things will get better and better... then I could possibly work on my travel plan to Japan and USA...

Will defo keep u guys updated...

Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy 30

It's been quite a long time I haven't updated my blog, have been very busy with work and everything these days.

It's my 30th birthday a week ago and I was / am so happy and honoured that so many friends came to my bday party as well as all the sweet messages on facebook and the SMS, am so happy to have u all to be my friends.

Actually, this year means a lot to me, as I just started my business,a lot of things need to taken well care of, a lot of goals I want to accomplish, am ambitious and greedy, I want everything, and I want to accomplish all my goals asap, I know I shouldn't be that rush but you know, it's me, and rushing to success is always my style!!!

It's gonna be a fruitful year, apart from career, I have loads of travelling plans as well, NYC, Tokyo, London (again), Thailand and so and so, but the most important thing is I need to save / earn enough money to spend, hehe..... it's April now, and I have less than 8 months in 2010 to accomplish my goals and my travelling plan, let's see and let's keep our fingers crossed, shall see my friends around the globe soon!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger

Wish everyone having a prosperous and fruitful year of Tiger ahead!!!

Energetic, healthy and fierce like TIGER!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P. Lee McQueen

I was shocked when I heard of one of my favorite designers died last night, I couldn't believe such a talented designer died at such a young age (40).

He brought so many different insights of fashion to the world, his design, his show, the music changed the fashion world, not only the fashion world, but our everyday life as well, celebrities from different generation were his fans, wore his designs, and so and so. Bjork, Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga......

He's the Prince of Darkness, you could feel / see the dark side from his designs, the futuristics, the Victorian, the Aquarius, the feathery, the Japanese, and so and so, so many incredible designs, Lee, you change the world and boarden our view in fashion, we love you.

Your legacy will live on forever, Alexander McQueen and the fashion world will never be the same without you!!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trouvé Executive Group on Facebook & Linkedin.com

My dear friends, I have just created a Group named "Trouve Executive" on Facebook and Linkedin.com, do go and join my group and receive the MOST UPDATED job openings in HONG KONG and CHINA, anyways, join and support me!!! yay