Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long time no blog

It's been a while that I haven't updated my blog... now, it's time to update a bit... 1) Am now 31... no more 30 or 20 something... am stepping into a maturing period!!! (finally) 2) Super busy with my work (as usual, but work is getting more and more complicated now!!!) 3) Less alcohol (Not because alcohol is not good to health, I care about my weight more... sorry, I should say less beer or zero beer now, my usual drink is gin tonic now, may need to switch to vodka soda soon!!!) 4) More regional (sounds vague, but am exploring more opportunities in China and Singapore... yes... from 10% before to 25% now I think) 5) More superstitious now (Yes, am always superstitious, but more now... I just asked a Fung Shui Master to come to my office to check the fung shui!!!) Anyways.... everything is still alight... not too bad... hope things will soon get better and better!!! Oh... btw, if you guys haven't seen me updated my blog, am possibly working too hard or traveling around for business!!! OK.... I know you guys love reading my blog, I will spend more time in here!!! xxx


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